Error upgrade suiteCRM version 7.8.24 to version 7.10.25

good morning

I’m doing the suitecrm upgrade process, but the same error is always happening to me, I attach step-by-step screenshots of what I’m doing


when it fails in that final step, the upgrade is already complete. It only seems to be getting a timeout when generating the final upgrade report.

You can check this in your Admin / About page, does it show 7.10.25 there?

If it does, you can rest assured you have upgraded successfully.

Confirm that your directory cache/upgrades/temp is empty, it should be. If not, remove any contents from it (it might have given the timeout precisely while clearing that directory).

thanks @pgr I have already checked the suitecrm version and it appears as 7.10.25, but it was necessary to delete files from the cache/updates/temp , since it does not allow me to access the update wizard.

With your answer, it gives me an idea that the modules will work correctly, also some errors appear in the suitecrm log and in the update log it reaches a certain point and does not say it ends correctly (140.0 KB)

I also checked the opportunities module for example and the icons don’t show

I already made a Quick Repair and Rebuild

I hope you only deleted cache/upgrades/temp, not the entire cachedirectory.

It looks like you have ownership/permissions problems, you need to fix those.

If you go in Admin / Schedulers, what exactly do the instructions below the table say? (This will let me know which username your web server is running under)

After you’ve fixed the above, you need to run a new QR & R, and then scroll to the bottom and click button to “sync database with vardefs”, if there is a button there.

You must keep fixing your installation until you have zero FATALs in your logs…

@pgr, I deleted only the information that was inside the temporary folder (underlined)


what exactly do the instructions below the table say?

Are you using CentOS? Or some other Linux with SELinux security? This will require special configuration…

Are your PHP and MySQL version inside this matrix?

@pgr Yes, I am using centos 7, and according to the compatibility matrix I have the following:





I am doing the process with a copy of the production server, for this reason I can do all the tests I need without affecting anything important.

Somebody very recently posted instructions here to get SuiteCRM working with SELinux, I believe CentOS uses that by default?

I think it needs some extra security clearances to be able to run properly.