error subpanel campain_log

Hi to all, i’ve a strange error when i click on a subpanel that have more than 10 error in the status of a campain

Error retrieving Campaign list:  Query Failed:DECLARE @topCount INT SET @topCount = 10 SELECT TOP (@topCount) * FROM
                                  (SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY .id) AS row_number,  campaign_log.*  FROM campaign_log WHERE campaign_log.campaign_id = N'8b6dbe03-7f18-e399-944c-5afed2665731' AND campaign_log.deleted=0 AND activity_type=N'targeted' AND archived=0 )
                                           AS a
                                           WHERE row_number > 10::: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Impossibile associare l'identificatore in più parti ".id".

I’ve dig a bit but i still don’t figure what is the cause of this bug. Any suggest?

suitecrm 7.9.11

after so many tries, i’ve found in modules\Campaigns\metadata\subpaneldef.php that if i remove from all the arrays the “” in the sort_by and substitute just only with “id” it works