error on scheduled tasks

Good morning,
following the article for the Task scheduling ( I created the ‘Clean Meetings Scheduler’ as an example.
The scheduling works perfectly and also the script that is executed.
The strange thing is that if I modify the code or even delete the custom/Extension/modules/Schedulers/Ext/ScheduledTasks/CleanMeetingsScheduler.php file every time I perform the Quick Repair and Rebuild operation it is restored as before the deletion or modification. How do I make changes persistent?


This is strange…

Keep an eye on the destination folder that QR & R is writing to, it should be somewhere under


Try to figure out what is wrong. Maybe if that folder doesn’t have write permissions, it can’t do a QR & R properly.

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Thank you. Your comment was quite helpful and easy to understand. I was looking for the answer on many forum but this was the simplest of all.

Sorry, I found the mistake…
I was going to delete the file in an incorrect path:

Instead of taking him out of:

Then it was correctly recreated :wink: