Error Message


One of my users keep getting an error message that reads:

Error: Query limit of 1000 reached for Home module.

I have no idea what this is and I am using a hosted online based version so I have no access to the files.

How do I rectify this?

Hi there,

You would need to get someone to access the files and change the default_limit on the config.php file.




This is the number of queries SugarCRM submits in one roundtrip (not the number of rows returned) … amazing that this exceeds the number however alot of people have put this down to the dup check in some areas and others put it down to customisations which have been done.

as will said it needs to be fixed in the config.php file which requires access to the file directly. you are looking for …

‘resource_management’ =>
array (
‘special_query_limit’ => 50000,
‘special_query_modules’ =>
array (
0 => ‘Reports’,
1 => ‘Export’,
2 => ‘Import’,
3 => ‘Administration’,
4 => ‘Sync’,
‘default_limit’ => 1000,

add the module to the list if it not already there, if it is then you can up the default limit,