Error message when adding new field

When I click on Add Field in Account, I am getting this message:


Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home2/ab30611/subdomains/crm/modules/ModuleBuilder/views/view.modulefield.php on line 154
{“east”:{“title”:“Edit Field”,“crumb”:"",“content”:"

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

Figured this one out. Had to do with displaying warnings on my host.

Having the same exact error. How can I fix it? Currently hosted with HostGator


You’ll need to turn off display_errors (usually in php.ini but different hosts may handle this differently).

See here for ways of changing ‘display_errors’:



I am having the same issue, and buttons display with ‘undefined’ in place of text and I get error messages when I try to add a ‘My Sales Pipeline’ dash saying failed. The chart fails to display any graphic, and it creates a series of popup screen dialogs displaying the error message.

Display errors is turned off in php, and it did not make a difference in my case. Any suggestions in this instance?

For reference php version is 5.4 and I am running software Version 7.2.2.