Error in Admin Settings Section

Hi, I have just installed SuiteCRM via Softaculous yesterday, I can login and view everything inside, even can create new Employees, but when I want to edit/create new user in User Management or click Save in Site Setting, it will error and how “This Site Can’t Be Reach”, the address bar shown at /index.php instead of Admin Sertings section. May I know how can I solve this issue? I didnt do any modify on custom code, it is the fresh copy from Softaculous. Is it I need to re-install or i jz need to do any setting? Im using Godaddy’s shared hosting.

Hopefully can get solution on this issue. Thanks.

This is the error when i want to create new user, for the part when I update /save settings cant find the error as it direct send me to “This Site Can’t Be Reached” with firewall etc.

Hopefully can get solutions is it i need to set any permission or is it my site must hv https to wrk properly? Thanks.

Can anybody help me on these issue? :frowning: