Error importing Accounts with no error code/desc.

I have tried multiple time loading a list of accounts using the exported .csv file that has the exact field names/types of all custom fields i have created but have had no luck. Thought it was some kind of data validation error on import until I tried loading only the Account Name field and still got the same error. There is no description of the error, just an empty box saying “ok.” Attached screen shot below.

I’m hosting suite CRM on our local server and had no problem loading all my contacts using the same import wizard within Suite CRM.

I’m using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124 on OSX Version 10.10.3 but have tried on multiple computers and browsers (Safari).

Let me know if anyone has any idea on what I might be doing wrong.


Check your sugarcrm.log/suitecrm.log.