[ERROR] fromUser: Conversion of from user format d/m/Y h:ia failed

Does anyone else still get this error in suitecrm.log when sending emails? I am running 7.13.3 and when ever I send an email, be it from compose in emails or just clicking on an email in accounts or contacts view, I get this error. Notice that there is no date in the error messageā€¦

I know that this error message has had some attention in the past and it looks like it was supposed to have had a fix. So I donā€™t know why I am still getting it.

So far I have tracked this down to this in /modules/emails;

$this->bean->save() is called in the emailsController.php on line 270 to save the email bean.

In the save() function in email.php on line 1584, date_sent_received is null, so on line 1587 the fromUser() function is called along with merge_date_time(). However, date_start and date_time are both null, so a null $date is passed to fromUser().

In function fromUser() in /include/TimeDate.php (line 804). $res is set to false because createFromFormat() gets $date set as null, therefore is not an instance of DateTime.
On line 815 the error is logged with $date set to null.

I have tried to track where these variables should get a value, but could do with some help on this. Has anyone got to the bottom of this?

Meanwhile, Iā€™ll keep searchingā€¦