[ERROR] Failed to create portal user

Hey Guys,

I’ve installed SuiteCRM and the Advanced OpenPortal on an Joomla Webserver.

I’ve followed every step in this documentation:

No when I try to create a portal User it says “Failed to create portal user”

Seems like there is a authentication Problem when looking into the logs

Joomla! Log:
JRequest is deprecated

SuiteCRM Log:
Fri Jul 19 11:08:42 2019 [26643][-none-][FATAL] SECURITY: User authentication for crmadmin failed
Fri Jul 19 11:08:42 2019 [26643][-none-][FATAL] FAILED LOGIN:attempts[1], ip[], username[crmadmin]

Now I’ve found out that the AOP uses JRequest for Joomla. This Class is deprecated and was replaced by JInput in the Joomla Version 1.7.

Is the AOP still supported and is there any chance to fix this?


Did you ever get this solved? I’m running into the same issue. I found a bunch of suggestions in the forum but none worked:

  1. Suitecrm URL with and without the trailing slash
  2. Ensured Curl is enabled
  3. Double checked credentials in both suitecrm and joomla
  4. verified both are https://

I keep getting failed to create portal user. Both are running PHP 7.1 and there’s nothing in the error logs except same as you, user authentication failure.

Does anyone have this working? Is there a trick to it?

Hey!!! I solved it.

So I checked in the Joomla database and it’s not updating the password properly when saved in the portal plugin settings.

So what I did was manually generate an MD5 hash of my password at:


Then go into the joomla database in the table:


Then just copy the correct MD5 hash into the database in the sugar_pass field, save and voila, you can now create portal users!

Also one other fix is needed:


you need to edit the file in Joomla as described in the above post and all works great!

Thank you for the advice it worked for me, much appreciated :slight_smile: