ERROR after Upgrade 7.1.1 to 7.1.2

Dear All,

i have upgrade my SuiteCRM From 7.1.1 to 7.1.2
but i get a bug and error.

when i add Dropdown in Dropdown Editor, it can’t save new dropdown.
when i click Save Button, nothing happen.
But if i click Undo, Redo or Cancel, it works normal.

and i get an error from deploy Custom Module

how to fix this bugs and error?


I have a similar error i am unable to add new drop downs via admin drop down editor.
I am also unable to change any of the existing drop downs

I have checked on two installations and same problem, apache log doesn’t come up with any errors also no errors found in the sugarlog file?

Any suggestions???

Hi guys,

The error that is presented when a custom module is installed should not affect the installation. It has been fixed on GitHub and will e included in the next release.

The drop down bug is related to some bugs in the Russian Language pack which we also aim to resolve for the next release.




Can you be a little more specific for the error in the Russian language files?
I don’t use Russian language, so it would be an option for me to copy the English content into the Russian language file.
Quick and Dirty!
Workable solution? What do you think?

I really need to add some dropdowns



Okay i did the following and it seems successful, if you don’t use Russian language the following is a work around:

/custom/application/Ext/Language/ru_ru.lang.ext.php just to be sure copy and rename to /custom/application/Ext/Language/ru_ru.lang.ext.error

than open /custom/application/Ext/Language/en_us.lang.ext.php copy text in the file.

than open /custom/application/Ext/Language/ru_ru.lang.ext.php and paste the English text in the file.

Continue or start your work making new dropdown menus

have a good one, :woohoo:

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Hi erik,

If you disable the language in Admin, this will also allow you to edit drop downs.



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perfect learned something today!

Hi All,

it works
thanks all


Disabling Russian language solved the problem for me as well.

Thanks much