Error 500 after add a calculated field in workflow

Hi, today we add a calculated field in one of our workflows, the workflow create a new project task after a project is created, the new field calculates fine, but is the ERROR 500 pages what the browser shows. The workflow works like this:

1 Create a project task(from the fields of the new project)
2 Send mail to the client
3 Send mail to the admin
4 Calculates a field. See attach.

Before the adition of the calculated field, everything works fine, but after, we get the error 500 page, everything is done fine. Just the page we get, and the audit of process shows the proces is always “ejecutando”(working, in progress, etc.).

Any thoughts??

P.D.: Sorry about my english.

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Hi, you should have clues in your two logs.

The attached image didn’t attach. Maybe you can put it in

Thank you!, this is the attached(missed) image:

I will check the two logs

HI, i check the logs, and after read A LOT, I think this is the point where everything stops working:

Fri Mar 9 16:48:16 2018 [31328][1][DEBUG] Hook called: ::server_round_trip
Fri Mar 9 16:48:16 2018 [31328][1][DEBUG] Calling MySQLi::disconnect()
Fri Mar 9 16:48:16 2018 [31328][1][DEBUG] Calling MySQLi::disconnect()

Does this say anything to you??

Thanks for the follow up!!

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No, sorry, that looks normal to me.

You need to focus on any messages saying “FATAL” or “ERROR”. Sometimes "WARNING"s are relevant, but not very often.

I have more hopes of finding an interesting clue in your php_errors.log (or whatever your web server log is called) than in suitecrm.log, because 500 errors is a web server crash.

Thanks for your follow up… I think this is the problem:

[12-Mar-2018 10:53:11 America/Guatemala] PHP Notice: Undefined index: SweeterCalc in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 108

Have you see this before??

Thank you…

Normally “notice” messages are not a problem, and can be safely ignored.

SweeterCalc is the name of a plugin to do Calculated fields in Workflows, developed by a german company named “Diligent”. Then that plugin was donated to the SuiteCRM project and became part of SuiteCRM.

This is the only message that I can found related to the Calculated fields, I found this info in the php error log. I will keep searching.

Thank you

hi @ccotton
Have you found solution for this? I am facing same problem.