Entry point help

Please help - i am trying to create a new case using an entry point. I have created an entry point and have inserted


if(!defined('sugarEntry')) define('sugarEntry', true);
global $db;
global $current_user;

$timeDate = new TimeDate();
$account_name = $_GET['account_name'];
$case_name = $_GET['case_name'];
$account_id = $_GET['account_id'];

// Create the Case
$case = new case();
$case->subject = $case_name;
$case->account_id = $account_id;
$case->assigned_user_id = 1;

Any help much appreciated - also if you are also able to provide any info on searching for a specific record and displaying that… that would be very helpful

You don’t say what your problem is. Does it run? Does it give an error? Is there something in the logs?