Entirely new woefully embarrassing question


Dearest genius CRM people;

I finally got SuiteCRM working and it is a thing of beauty. However, I can’t find access to any wizards. When I read through the documentation, it doesn’t seem to match up to what I’m seeing on my screen.

I also don’t know how to change from ADMINISTRATOR to a user. I created an employee but the screen never asked for login info or anything like that so I don’t have a way to log in as a user. So I can’t change themes (not that I really care).

I feel like I’m stuck in the ADMIN mode and not really getting the full user experience.

you can read the SugarCRM CE 6.5.23 documentation that has no images and SuiteCRM is based on

Administration Guide: Search for the User Management


User Guide: Search for Getting Started


You need to create an User, with a valid email address, the system will send his credentials through mail, and that menas that you need to have a valid email server configured in the system. You can’t change and administrator to an user, at least not if you’re the only administrator, another administrator can.

best regards