End Date of Calls for correct ical File after setting up custom ical file from Meeting module

Hey There,

i would be very happy, if you can help me with this small problem.

I use the Send & Invite function of the meeting&Call Module. In the Meeting-Module the System sends with the Meeting confirmation an ical file with the meeting information and the correct ical file.

i modified this file and used it for the call invite.

The Problem i have is: The Meeting has an end-date, the call has not.

So the ical file send out of the call module has no end date and the appointment has the same time as start- and end-time. So if you save it to your calender it has 0 minutes.

Does anyone have an idea oder solution for my problem? i think it will be easy if you got my problem.

thanks a lot, this will help me, if it is fixed.