Enable SMTP over SSL or TLS? Not saving setting

Based on this Github thread "Send Email" Workflow Action fails in PHP8.0+ · Issue #10033 · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub which is the same issue from my point of view, I downgraded the server PHP from 8.0 to PHP 7.4 and it appears the problem went away after a few tests
(posting this for others)

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Nice find!

What about keeping PHP 8.0 and trying the patch proposed there? If it’s not too much trouble. That would be a nice validation that the proposed fix works.

I created a PR for this.

@1reason did you get a chance to try the workflow issue with PHP 8.0, but with the proposed fix?

Getting this issue in SuiteCRM 7.14.0

Tried upgrading from 7.13 to 7.14.2. PHP 8.1.26. Email failed. Kept getting “unsupported authentication method”. Did not test any further, as email is a showstopper. Rolled back to 7.13. Bummer.

Isn’t there any automated testing (eg: Jenkins) done before releasing? I mean, how can one possibly release a version with such showstopper bugs?

That’s a different error, maybe its better to start your own thread with all the details.

I believe you’re only missing a PHP module.

Thanks for your response. Which one? Is there some kind of system requirements that specifies which PHP modules to enable?

A simple preliminary question: is your SSL/TLS setting getting saved correctly? If you go out of that screen, and back in, is your preferred setting still there?

About the PHP modules, you can find that in the basic installation instructions on the Docs site.