Empty rows in "My Activity Stream" dashlet?

Hi, I am getting empty rows in the dashlet, like this:

The lines that are missing (blank), are lines that I can see when I log in with another user with more permissions.

Those are lines relative to the creation of Contacts to which this user does not have access, in terms of Security Groups.

Is this how it’s supposed to work, blank lines when you don’t have access? Shouldn’t those lines simply be omitted?

I’m running SuiteCRM 7.6.2.


i have same, this is related to Security Suite.
Is this normal ? maybe, is to ask Jason.
Is this easy to resolve (no blank line) ? maybe, is to ask Jason.

I use so and no issue

If other people, like you, are seeing the same behavior, I think we should definitely look at this as a bug.

The expected behavior in SuiteCRM is that records to which you don’t have access are simply omitted (from list views, subpanels, etc.). This is also what makes sense in terms of security (users who don’t have access, don’t need to know that things are being created or edited, even if they don’t see the content), and in terms of usability (getting a dashlet with 350 items, of which only a few are visible, is not nice to the user - the information he should be seeing is hidden behind lots of blank screens he needs to scroll through).

Thanks. I’ll report this issue in Github when I get a chance, hopefully after trying to find what is wrong in the code.

This is the issue I created:


Hi pgr,
i think this is not a issue, if you look here :https://www.sugaroutfitters.com/docs/securitysuite/features#activitystream
The pay version have the feature you look.

It says this: "This popular dashlet will filter so that users can only see and comment on the records that they have rights to. ", which is correct. The users don’t access what they can’t access. But I think the screenshot simply is not showing any empty lines because they aren’t there.

If you see the comment that Jason Eggers left on the Githun issue, you’ll see that he recognizes that this a problem, and he was perfectly aware of it, only he couldn’t change it in SugarCE, maybe he can in SuiteCRM.

Anyway, thanks for your input, I appreciate it! : -)