Employee module

Hi All,
need your guidelines here. i am new to suiteCRM.
why few modules are not listed in the “configure module menu filters”
for example employees module, profile module, admin module.

if i want to have these modules in the navigation. what should i need to do…
and also is multi level menu is possible in suiteCRM. if it is so how can we achieve it.

Hi, welcome.

These modules belong to the Admin area, so they are not placed alongside the others.

If you need to go beyond what the user interface allows out-of-the-box, you can customize this file:


How to customize: https://pgorod.github.io/Custom-folder/


so i cannot create multi level menu in the suite CRM portal. i have to customize in code …
thank you.

Yes, two levels is all that is configurable from UI. But more than that tends to be hard to use for users because menus collapse without the user intending it (remember the old Windows 95 Start menu?).

The code customization can be quite simple if you just put in the items directly, without too many variables or smarty codes.