Embarrassing Request . . .

Hi there. I am brand new to SUITE CRM and am a slightly capable html user.

I’ve just installed Suite CRM on my servers and the installation ran beautifully. I’ve set all permissions to 755.

Everything worked perfectly. Except . . .

How. The. Fuck. Do I start the damn thing? I am so embarrassed. I’ve looked through the documents and readmes but I can’t find where the login page is.

I’ve navigated to …/website/CRM/ and get a 500 error.

I think this is where the application log in page should appear but I’m not entirely certain.

actual url: http://creativewriter.pro/CRM/

Please help.

Did you read the installation notes regarding file permissions?

They are here: https://suitecrm.com/wiki/index.php/Installation#Copying_SuiteCRM_files_to_web_server

You will note that all file permissions should not be set to 755

There is also a full installation guide here:


If in doubt, read the instructions.