We are new users, struggling a little!
This question concerns email. We are using PHPMailer (I guess that’s all there is).

When I open an email it does strange things to the spacing, for example a paragraph break appears to be two lines instead of one. Consequently if I reply to an email the email trail can be very long and very annoying for both the receiver and me too.

We have other problems too. For example I cannot seem to be able to change the default font, size or colour.

Is there something I have missed?
Thank you in advance.

Hi, I work with George and can add some detail to this topic. Each time you reply to an email there seems to be more space added to previous emails between paragraphs in the email exchange. We have had this problem with bullet points too where original email showed each one directly under the previous. After the email was forwarded/replied an extra line has been added (both paragraphs and bullet points). After the email communication is passed several times between suiteCRM and the recipient the space starts to expand considerably.

The other issue is the size / font of the text in the email. Is it possible to set a default text and size?

Our further issue is the signature and how to attach an html file as a signature

One last thing is the way images are listed in the email header as attachments. We have received an email with social media icons attached in the email signature. There were so many images (12 in all) that the viewing window was pushed so far down only 1 inch of the actual written email was viewable below the attachments section. This was also after we had selected and opened the message in its own window.

Any help with these areas would be very much appreciated.

$text = str_replace("\n", “
”, $text);
$text = str_replace("\n", “”, $text);

…6 hours of hunting for 5 characters