EmailMarketing Schedule DateTime issue

Hey there,

We’re facing this issue when creating campaigns at the part when you schedule the mass emails on Email Marketing.
In my user preferences I have set locale as GMT +5:30, so whenever I set the scheduled time to lets say “12:00” (which is GMT +5:30) and save the campaign, going back to details of the campaign shows scheduled time as “17:30”
So I assume the date is not converted to UTC before storing it, hence it adds +5:30 twice

There are also other issues but I’ve seen them reported on github.

Any workarounds for this? Thanks.

Hi Arsalan,

Did you get any solution?

  • I am experiencing the same issue when scheduling a email campaign. My timing is GMT +1 and I noticed that the campaign works two hours after the scheduled time.

  • The second issue I have is with email variables in campaigns. I add account and contacts variables in my email template. If I use the email module to send and email template it works translating both accounts and contacts variables. But when I send the same email template through campaigns module it just translates contact variables. Do you know why?

  • I have contacts related to some accounts ( 1 contact belongs to 3 accounts). If I add the contact from accounts view to a target list (add contacts of an account to a target list), it just add the contact ones what means just for one of the accounts so it will send just one email instead of one for account as I would expect.

Can you help me please?

Really appreciate it.


Unfortunately, I haven’t found any solution to this yet. I tried some workaround using logic hooks for EmailMarketing but it did not go as expected.
For the time being we enter the time with -5:30 from the scheduled time.

I’m not sure but this is an idea: since campaigns emails are sent by a cron job, possibly the system user that triggers the cron job is a different system user with respect to the one that controls SuiteCRM: does the system user that runs cron jobs have the same date and time? Maybe this is the problem.

The same issues occurs even in my localhost with a single user. It may not be an issue with cron job as the datetime which is being stored in the database itself seems to be with errors.