Emailing from SuiteCRM


I can’t seem to get emailing working as I want. We have a scenario where we need to send from multiple email addresses. Ideally an email address would be assigned to a group and an account also assigned to a group. When sending an email to an account/contact it would pickup the the sender email details from the group assigned to the account.

I have setup a 2 outbound email accounts and also used the same credentials for 2 inbound accounts. When I compose an email the ‘From’ dropdown lists the Inbound email accounts (I had to add these in my User>Email Settings). How do I reference the Outbound email accounts outside campaigns? Do I even need to use Outbound email accounts (other than if using Campaigns) if sending emails uses the inbound email accounts? Can I setup emailing so that the ‘From’ dropdown only shows an Inbound email account based on the group the account/contact is assigned to?

If I wanted to use campaigns would I setup a campaign for each outgoing email account and assign accounts to them? Is there a way to auto assign a campaign based on the group assigned?

Sorry for so many questions but I’m a bit confused about how the emailing works and the documentation doesn’t really it explain it well, for me anyway!



I think the Outbound email accounts should appear in Compose window, as long as you selected “users can send from this account” in their configuration.

Which version of SuiteCRM is this?

Thanks for the reply. It’s Suite CRM v7.11.5. I don’t see an option for users to send from the account in the edit screen for Outbound emails.

Hhmm you’re right, that option is only in Admin / Email settings, and it’s only for the account used for system notifications…

I am a but unsure about your other questions - most of those “auto-select” account things would require a bit of custom code, probably.

But what leaves me more confused is why the Outbound accounts don’t show in Compose window :huh: it might be a bug…