Hello Team,
I have an issue to sending email from SuiteCRM, My problem is when i create a compose and sent ,it comes from ROOT USER, i want to come from my email address please let me know how can i fix it ?

It is simple
Go to admin>>Email Settings

Set the “Allow users to send from by there own” type check box value to “CHECKED”

Then go to your User profile. And add email address details there in bottom of the profile page on first tab.

You will now be able to send emails from you own account. You will get your own email address dropdown option in the Compose Email popup.

Thanks a lot

Many thanks for your answer, but i dont know why i cant send email via SuiteCrm !!!, i get Error Sending Email.would you advise me how can i fix it?


Where do you get Error? In Admin -> Email Settings after filling up details, are you able to send an email by Pressing SEND TEST EMAIL button?

I can send test when i am in admin but in compose i cant sent any email to anybody.


and also i cant send email campaign to target list . every things is ok but target lists dose not receive any email!

If you navigate to User Profile Edit View and scroll to the bottom, You can edit the Email settings there for Each User.

Click on the SETTINGS button, then MAIL ACCOUNTS tab, do you see a record in “Outgoing SMTP Mail Servers” section?
you can aslo setup the User Inbox for Email in the top “Mail Accounts” section by clicking ADD button. Make it active and default so that the user can always use this email for sending and receiving emails.