Email Very Slow

I have just installed SuiteCRM a few days ago and am very interested in getting the email client working. My email servers are exchange servers and it took me some time to get the client working, but I was able to.

I am running into an issue where any functions related to email take a really long time to load. Just clicking “email” in the top navigation to take me to the inbox takes upwards for 3 min to load. I feel like all of this information should be cached and load times should not be this long. If I use the “reply” function in an email, it bogs down and never finishes loading. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

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there are still some bugs in the new Email module being fixed for the next release (7.9.3), but I haven’t seen anyone describe a situation like yours yet. The very long delays suggest either network problems or an overgrown database.

You will need to do some diagnosis, I don’t know what your technical abilities are, but you can start by

  • checking your logs,

  • sharing with us your versions of OS, database, web server, PHP and SuiteCRM


Here is my setup:
Ubuntu 16.10
MySQL 14.14
PHP 7.0.18
Apache 2.4.18
SuiteCRM 7.9.2

I this server / setup exclusively for suiteCRM so the database is empty. When I was initially having this issue the log file was clean. Looking at it now, there appears to have some email related errors.

I have spent a bunch of time trying to get the email setting correct, but it looks like I am still wrong. I am about to send out going and I am able to see my inbox(after a long load time) so I am confused as to what the problem could be.

Try installing 7.9.3 when it comes out, there quite a few email bugfixes in it…

Judging from all the merging activity on Github today, I’d guess it’s coming out today or tomorrow.

Seeing how we have never used the software before and no one would know the difference… would it be a a good idea to just use 7.8.5?

Thank you for your help!

It’s a tough question to answer… but Email in 7.9 is finally getting to a point where it works, and getting stuck in 7.8.5 would mean that you would later force all your users to change the way they work with email in SuiteCRM at some point in the future. I always try to stay with the latest versions when possible, it simplifies a lot of things. But only you know what’s right for your case…

Ok, I have upgraded to 7.9.4 and I am still experiencing the same slow load times with email.

I am using a hosted Microsoft exchange with network solutions and the server is linode virtual server. The exchange server mailbox is caped at 1 gig.

I upgraded the server to:
2 CPU Cores
48 GB SSD Storage
3 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
1000 Mbps Network Out

This seemed to help a little be on the load speeds, but I cant tell if it is placebo effect. Is this server adequate for SuiteCRM?

Also, a strange behavior I have noticed is that if SuiteCRM is lagging, if i restart Apache, when it comes back up it loads the email fully loaded.

That sounds like a fast computer, especially if your SuiteCRM still doesn’t have any data in it. Unless you have a ton of users accessing it.

Maybe try checking your php.ini settings, increase memory_limit, max_execution_time, max_upload_size (not related, but while you’re there…).

If that doesn’t help, can you try with an email account that is empty or almost empty? Or with one that doesn’t reside in Exchange? These tests could help to find out exactly where the problem is…

The suggested php settings did not help with the email speed.

But, switching to a Gmail account for testing does proved to speed things up so I switched to an email on my exchange that only has a few emails. This speeds things up a lot.

So, it does look like the speed issue is related to the size of the mailbox.

But, now that I am seeing the new mailbox, no matter what email I click on it took me back to an email that I had opened with the previous account. This occurred even after an apache restart. I logged out and then back in as the same user and now speed is an issue again.

I might just have to avoid using this feature…

Hi Team,
We are having this problem too. I am reasonably sure that the slow loading is not a problem with the server specs as our %used doesnt go above ~4%. We do use IMAP mail and there is a lot of emails which I expect is probably the root cause.

My Question is this. Is there a way to tell CRM not to load all emails, ie only load the last 30 days… I think this would probably fix our issues.

edit: we are using suite 7.9.4 FYI

I suppose it is an important distinction for my issue as well… although it is an Exchange server, I am using IMAP to connect.

Also, my server is strictly demo to see if we want to use this product. So my user is the only user in the system.

Hi there

about the email showing the previous email you had opened, it’s probably this:

And about the speed… if any of you can check SuiteCRM 7.8.5 to see if it works better in that regard, that would be a useful information. The Email module in 7.9.x is completely new and it still has a few issues…

Anyway, if it works well with 7.8.5 I’m not suggesting we just forget about this - on the contrary, we need to make sure everything gets fixed in 7.9.x! Your issues might be an important help to diagnose and fix some bug…

Please follow this Issue here

and add any specific information that you think can be useful. I’m thinking each of you could go there and post your specs:

  • versions of OS, database, web server, PHP and SuiteCRM
  • kind of email server (Exchange, Gmail, etc)
  • kind of email server access (POP, IMAP)
  • if it is a fresh install or if it was working well before, with the same accounts
  • exactly how long operations take (open inbox X seconds, open email Y seconds, etc)