Email to case is creating case with empty / blank subject

My email to case is working but it is creating extra case with empty / blank subject.
distribution method is Round robin.
for the email is it creating case.

for each scheduler run it is creating empty case.
Ho wot fix it.



Can you confirm there is only one inbound email account creating cases?

If so could you provide us a snippet of your “Jobs run” subpannel found under the case creation scheduler and any related log error you can find in the suitecrm.log or php_error.log

hi ,

Can you help me to make a report in this format.

Email subject // Email sent/recv date // case no against the mail // ERP_ref_no (custom field in case module) // case current assignee.

I am generating a report from suitecrm.

Hi Sir,

How to check it.
Even i have set auto case creation to NO and import email to yes. but still when i enable chron servies. it start creating case with blank subject.