Email to Case - Getting Email from DEfault System Email

Hello i have set up the Email to Case is working perfectly.

SuiteCRM creates a new case each time an email is received to the support@email.
But at the same time, i get a replay email from SuiteCRM from the System Default Email (crm@email) with the email sent by the client

========== Please reply above this line ==========

Hi John Done,

We’ve received your case TEST (# 23) on 2020-10-06 20:19:02

Status New
Reference 23
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Is there a way to stop those email from the default System Email but send that type of response from the Support Email that is


I’d recommend having a look at the Admin->AOP Settings panel

In here, you can set various templates for auto-responses at various stages of a Case
So, you may wish to change these, to see if you can get the desired result

Additionally, you are able to select a template for the "Auto-Reply" in the Inbound mail account (Found in Admin->Inbound Mail Accounts->Group Mail Accounts)


If you have a template set here, it may be why you are receiving a mail from the system, each time a case is submitted.

In terms of sending from another Mail address, you are able to set the “From address” value in the Inbound Mail Account also:

Do any of the above items look like what you'd like to achieve?