Email To address as routing rules for case

I would like to use the email - “From Address” to assign the case to different groups of users? or import the “From Address” into case so that I can use the workflow to re-assign the case out?


This can only be achieved by custom coding. No direct way. If you know coding then you can do it by yourself. And if you don’t now, please hire someone to do it for you.
I can guide you if you want to do it by yourself

Please do share and guide on how

Check these 2 files


This function is getting the Assigned User:

The above code is being called by this CRON Job file

By this line

if ($aopInboundEmailX->isMailBoxTypeCreateCase()) {
require_once ‘modules/AOP_Case_Updates/AOPAssignManager.php’;
$assignManager = new AOPAssignManager($aopInboundEmailX);

Sure it will help.