email templates

Is it not possible to search to search for an email template using the Box on the compose email (see attached) in the same way as you can search for account and contacts If it is I cannot get it to work.

If someone can let me know if it is possible or not that would be helpful?
If it is possible and it’s just me who cannot get it to work, any thoughts on why it won’t work?



What is your SuiteCRM version?

Please check your logs for any messages at that exact time:

  • suitecrm.log
  • php_errors.log
  • your browser’s developer console

Also, please describe more precisely what you mean by “not possible to search”:

  1. does it work if you press the arrow, it opens a new pop-up window, and you search and select?

  2. does it work when you start typing the name of a template, and it auto-completes so that you can set the full value without opening any pop-up window?