Email Template Selection

A couple questions regarding choosing email templates while composing an email:

  1. Is there supposed to be autocomplete in the search field before you click search? It seems really cumbersome to have my employees hit search then type their search parameters then click search again (unless assigned to user is their search field then they basically have to go into another popup search) then finally choose their template. If there is supposed to be autocomplete, that’d make a lot more sense and really help the search process

2.If there is no autocomplete, is there anything I can edit to return its functionality to more like suitecrm 7.7.x? From the images provided you can see that someone could see all the templates via a dropdown table. I know when looking to return filter search functionality to its old style I used enable_legacy_search in my config_override. If something like that exists that’d be great but I don’t know if it does.

  1. If the answers to my prior questions are no, where would the email template pop up search files be located? Most modules have their files in their respective module directories under files like Popup.php or popupdefs in metadata, etc. Email template is one of the few modules that doesn’t have these files. Why, and where are they located instead? If I find these then I can perhaps looking at making custom edits but I just don’t know where to make the edits.

Sorry I know this one was a little lengthy, but any and all information on these is much appreciated. Email functionality is a must and having a 4 step process to select your template would simply not be efficient.

It is supposed to use auto-complete. I see the code says “sqsEnabled” and sqs is the lookup mechanism.

But you are right that it doesn’t seem to be working, maybe there is a bug here. I wonder if it could be related to the fact that Templates apply to a given module, so you shouldn’t be able to select a Cases template for an Account-related email, for example. But I think whoever coded this probably already handled that requirement.