Email template problems

I’m trying to create custom email templates using the variables from the dropdown menu.
I modified the template to notify the user name and password, presets, and I’m trying to add the name and surname of the user.
From the dropdown menu I select the first field “Users” in the second field “Last Name” and the corresponding variable is $contact_user_last_name. When I send the email to reset passwords instead of displaying the user’s last name still showing $ contact_user_last_name. Where am I doing wrong? Is there anyone who can help me to understand how it works, if it is my mistake or a bug.
Thanks in advance

Hi there,

How are you utilising this template/when is the email being sent out? Is this related to AOP?



Hi Will,

Also raised here by me with heaps of detail, followed up by a post from a fellow sufferer, and is a case where I would have liked to have been able to “escalate” the question or have it be noticed as “unanswered”.