Email template not saving with 403 error

I have an issue where when I try to save an email template it does not save and I get a 403 error. I am assuming this is the dreaded permission problem again. But where does suitecrm try to save email templates too? Is this again the custom folder?

In your browser’s developer tools, Network tab, you should be able to see the details of the request that gets the 403.

Templates normally don’t need to save files. Maybe they do if there is an attachment, I don’t know. In this case it would probably be in the uploads folder.

Problem solved. A mod_sec rule was being triggered on the server to stop these being saved. Just another one for the forum to be aware of. Krystal spotted it in about 2 minutes on a support call. Supposed to stop Malware being installed on the site.

Regards, Chris.

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