Email Template issues 2021

My third post. A question yet.
Ive spend like two months now setting and knowing SuiteCRM. Yet, I have things to learn.
I came a cross with email-template module and the lack of full HTML due to editor or purifing.

All post are way back in the past, 2015 even, so al tricks are for older versions.

I would like to ask couple of things:

  1. Is there a way to disable HTML Purifyng in 2021 (7.11)? This to allow to use raw external HTML in the editor without “strip”.

  2. Is there a good work around to surpass this with another editor, internal, external or such?

  3. Read about insert the HTML in the DB. Not ideal because itll be not easy for editing. Not sure about it.

Any help will be good to me at this point, even to renew the topic with fresh ideas and drag attention to this, if its an issue yet.


This is a tricky problem indeed. When I was making my add-on PowerReplacer, despite all the cool features, I probably spent more time fighting the Email templates screen, and the Email compose screen, than writing new features :frowning:

I can only confirm to you that it is indeed necessary to fix all the excessive HTML clean-ups and provide a true Direct HTML mode. But it’s not simple to do, the underlying code is not good, it’s too mangled, and different in every screen…

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Thanks for your answer @pgr
Im afraid theres no work around. Although, im not developer, I understand some about it, but I do understand more of html, and seems that this in quite a barrier to deliver the kind of content that someone would desire from the CRM.

The option that I went for, and I wrote this as a solution for someone that´s not developer and mostly individual case like mine, is to design by blocks, backgroung color or inserted images and try to do the best within the TinyMCE, thats the one that I think, is the best so far when you brong some raw html code from outside.
The other option, could be using an external app, like Mautic or MailChimp but that might cost time or money, to connect or maintain the other app in sync. Those are the things that I´ve found are the things that brings more sense right now. I have like two montjs now setting up the SuiteCRM for my needs, with some help, and could be a titan labour just to understand the logic and adaptation to your own needs, so deal with restrictions like these cant be in first place: start with what you have an improve in the road, until the email module allow you to do more.

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