Email Signature - Opens create user?

Really strange,

When creating & saving a user signature the small window takes me to the user module list view?

Sorry that screen doesn’t look familiar. Can you tell me which version of the CRM you’re using and what page you took the screenshot on and I’ll look into it.

Thanks for your reply

SuiteCRM 7.4.4

This screenshot is taken from

Login as user

Go to Emails module

Click on Settings

1st screenshot

Here is where you can add signatures

Thanks again

I’ve just checked and this works ok in the most recent version. The simplest solution is probably to upgrade. Because you’re a few versions behind that will actually involve two upgrades. Firstly the 7.4.x to 7.68 upgrade then the 7.6.x to 7.7.6 upgrade. Both are available at not cost here: