Email Server SMTP Setup - Stop Warning Message Showing

Thanks for your help with this one.

I am not going to be setting up SMTP service within SuiteCRM. As it’s not set up the following warning message appears:

Note: To send record assignment notifications, an SMTP server must be configured in Email Settings.

Is it possible to suppress that particular message?

Thanks so much,

Try to see if this still applies

You will lose:

-record assignment notifications

  • meeting notifications
  • invitation notifications
  • emails from workflows

Thanks for your help. I checked out the php file but that line doesn’t exist in there.

There are a few changes, yes, but it’s this line:

You can pass “false” inside those parenthesis and your error message should go away:

$smtp_error = $admin->checkSmtpError(false);

You might need to reapply this fix after any upgrade that happens to change this file - this change we’re making here is not upgrade-safe.

Great, thanks, very much appreciated.