Email sending errors in suite crm

I have set up the email templates and trying to send the contract as email from the ACTION. The email sending is not working and the dashboard of emails shows something like in the image below

why is it showing undefined and the email is not being sent. The email template is created for the contract already. What am I missing here
]crm email error message after sending.png

email client in 7.9.x have many bugs…
Search in github, open a issue… look in forum for same bug…


@taragurung your screenshot looks like SuiteCRM 7.8 or earlier, am I right? I need to ask because the Email module is completely new in 7.9.

You mention “contract”, is that really what you meant, or did you mean “contact”?

Please tell us exactly the steps to reproduce your bug, I can’t really understand from your description.


This is the version details
Suite CRM
Version 7.8.
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)

1-I created an email template
2. I tried to send the CONTRACT as email from the action button


Version 7.8. what? 7.8.5?

A good bug report (or request for help) needs to be much more specific…

  1. Go to PDF templates module
  2. Create PDF templat of type “Contract” and Save
  3. Go to Contracts module
  4. Create Contract and Save
  5. Go into that Contract’s detail view
  6. Click “Email PDF” on action menu
  7. Select the previously created Template
  8. Fill in recipient address and hit Send
  9. The error message on screen is ____________
  10. The logs show ___________________ at that exact time.
  11. The next screen shows (the screenshot above)

Now a few questions

  1. Can you send other emails from your system?
  2. Did you try a quick repair and rebuild?
  3. Can you try upgrading to 7.8.5 if you’re using an earlier version?

The email sending is working . I can see the emails being send.But the alerts is not showing up that there is an email . And the inbox has that undefined error as shown in the error image file

I have also done the repair and rebuild