Email Reminders awful defaults problem

Hi, I just found out that since the last update round I did on our CRM servers, the default setting when creating new Calls from Lead Account Contact etc subpanels is to send an email 1 minute before due date to our customers.

The emails sent to customers are as follows:

Title: Connect call
When: 07.04.2016 10:30 CEST(+02:00)
Created By: <employee name>

Which is ugly and leaks private information in the title. Not to mention the email gets sent even when the employee does not have time to make the call.

Where can I turn off this “feature”? AndII really do not want to set up server to whitelist outgoing emails…

Shit!!!. I have just realised this, WTF was these even implemented, there is not way to turn it off.

I think I may have found a solution:

Make the following changes in public_html/modules/Calls/Call.php

$this->reminder_checked = $this->reminder_time == -1 ? false : true;:
$this->reminder_checked = false;

$this->email_reminder_checked = $this->email_reminder_time == -1 ? false : true;
$this->email_reminder_checked = false;

I don’t know if this will fix the issue but it does remove the checkboxes default settings from being checked.

BTW do this at your own risk.