Email reminder is not working

The cron in running at 15 minutes because the limits of my shared hosting (this is the minimum accepted).
No matter what php version i try, the email reminder is not coming. Even if it is Suite 7.10.10 or 7.11.8. I didn’t have this problem with Sugar.
My server (shared) have:
Apache 2.4.33
MySQL 10.2.27-MariaDB-cll-lve
Can someone help me, please?
Thank you!

Get a different hosting… :stuck_out_tongue:

What are the instructions at the bottom of the Admin / Schedulers screen?

What do you get when you run these commands from a command-line?

which php
whereis php
php -i | grep "'_'"

I know the instructions say that it have to run every minute, but … that’s the reason? …
My Suite is online, not on my computer. How can i run these commands from a command-line?

Do you have SSH access to your server? That’s where to run the commands.

I would really recommend that you get a hosting that allows more frequent cron jobs, and SSH access. It really helps administrate SuiteCRM.