Email queue filter

We seem to have a large number of email in the queue for a number of months which don’t get sent.

Other campaigns are running fine.

In the absense of finding out what has caused this , I want to delete the email in the queue, particularly as they are no longer relevant.

In the Emal queue “module”, there are not enough categories to filter the results (so I can select all and delete). Is there a way of adding filters ? E.g. date “sent”? Marketing name?



Version 7.12.5

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

If “large numbers” is hundreds, and not tens of thousands, you could try an “all Records” workflow with conditions. Just be careful to get it right, and backup database beforehand. Do it outside business hours, it can take a long time and suck up server resources.

For unlimited amounts and faster times, you can do it from the database with phpMyAdmin or similar.

Yes a filter can be added if you have coding skills. It is not possible from Admin Side.

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