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Hello again,
Can someone help me with creating a workflow that sends an email when a case is updated? I can’t seem to get the conditions right.
We have clients open cases with us, and we want them to get an email whenever a case is opened, closed, or updated. (also we get an email on open and close)
The first two are easy, just send an email when case state is equal to value closed and another one when case state is equal to value open, but case updates seem to be tricky. Does anyone have the correct conditions for this workflow?

Thank you


I’ve got it working somewhat, but for some reason it only sends the first word of the update text

Please, I really need this functionality. The AOP updates are working fine to the contact who created the case, but I need three other specific email addresses to get EVERY case update, whether made by a user logged in to suitecrm, or by a contact logged into joomla portal.

I don’t understand all the different conditions for case updates, and what would trigger this email. Opening and closing cases I have workflows for already that work perfectly, but I can’t get the case updates to work. Please help

Here’s a screenshot of my current conditions and actions:

Nothing? Anyone?

GD Case update email in workflow doesn’t show the entire description - only the first word of the description.

Same problem here!
Have you found a solution?

Nope, unfortunately we’re just sufficing without it. We still get the email with one word of the update, but we basically use that as a notification that there was an update. At that point we have to log in and look at the case to see the update.

If you happen to come across a solution I’d greatly appreciate a heads up! I’ll do the same

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I have found this

Not sure if it helps or not but surely other users are on the same situation we are.
This issue seems to have been reported long time ago and not fixed for many version upgrades.
That is reason for concern.
I am going to wait for more updates and upgrades and see what happens.

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I am having this issue aswell, I have seen this raised a number of times now, earliest was 2 years 11 months ago here

It was raised on Github here and closed as supposedly was a duplicate of #2292 here which to me looks like a totally different issue.

It is however a duplicate of #1449 from May 2016,

There is a proposed solution here

However it doesn’t work, i get back the mailmerge references in the email instead.
Suitecrm Build 7.8.2

It seems this issue keeps getting overlooked, it would be nice if someone could help?


That github fix worked for me - thanks

I don’t understand why they haven’t changed this in the official install package, but maybe it doesn’t work for everyone

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Correction - that fix on Github fixed the $aop_case_updates_description but broke the $aop_case_updates_name. They both display the update description

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I am experiencing the same problem right now.

Does anybody know if this problem has been solved by now?

I appreciate any kind of solution for this.


Does this help you folk - I’m just joining this party and I need to do something similar, would someone be kind enough to talk to me through PM about it as i’m totally new to advanced workflows! That saves highjacking this thread and cheesing off the admins? Many thanks :slight_smile: - Obviously this is Sugar but since Suite CRM is based off Sugar, I can’t see it being much/if different at all, and, if it is, I guess there is a list of changes that are relevant between Suite CRM/Sugar somewhere?

Kind Regards.

SugarCRM CE doesn’t have workflows. Probably the document you found refers to the professional editions.

The SuiteCRM Workflows are a completely different module developed by SalesAgility so I believe that the solution tht you found does not apply.

May I suggest to do it with a logic hook or, even better, with a SuiteCRM scheduler. Unfortunately both these solutions require code.

You may start by having a look here:

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Thanks for this, what i’m trying to achieve is the following:

  1. Repair Contact Form sent as an Email setting up a portal account that can only be logged into by the tenant with the repair issue. Repair contact form setting up the portal stored in the portal for viewing by the tenant - I think i’m half way there with that having set up a group Email inbox, not sure how to tell Suite CRM to set up portal from that Email.

  2. Email sent automatically to the Landlord as the result of the portal being set up (attaching portal entries including Emails sent and received) but not internal notes - notes to be visible in the portal.

  3. Custom Email to be generated (formal complaint) to the Landlord after 14 days if no response received from the third party Email address domain (to capture Emails from other users on the same Landlord tenant domain ( ( (attaching portal entries including Emails sent and received but not including internal notes - notes to be visible in the portal))

  4. Custom Email to be generated (formal complaint) to the Council (different Email address) after 14 days if no response received to Landlord formal complaint (attaching portal entries including Emails sent and received but not internal notes - notes to be visible in the portal).

  5. Custom Email to be generated (formal complaint) to the Local Government Ombudsman (different Email address again) after 14 days if no response from the Council formal complaint. (attaching portal entries including Emails sent and received but not attaching internal notes - notes to be visible in the portal)

  6. An ability to send on the fly Emails, stored to tenant portal - resets 14 days wait for next stage (attaching portal entries including Emails sent and received but not internal notes - notes to be visible in the portal))

  7. Case status updates to Administrator and tenant.

This project is a grassroots project to support residents with regular issues from the Landlord with their repair requests being ignored. I am not being paid for the project but i’m also not a programmer. It is a good cause and entirely voluntary and community based, any help and guidance would be gratefully received. No response on my own threads from anybody.

I have also attempted to update the drop down for case type/status but this does not feed through to the Joomla portal - how do I go about that please too. I took a look at the Github link but i’m not sure which bits to use for what or whether all the bits to do the above are actually there or how to implement the bits within Suite CRM once uploaded as a zipped module. Also, will the code survive system updates?

This will also hopefully act as a use case study to help others with similar projects (or bits of my project) to be able to interpret your code.

Thanks ever so much and kind regards :slight_smile: