Email notification to security group

I have contract module, where I have related security groups to make complex project (to share several departments one contract ). I would like to send an email notification to the contract related departments.

In workflow I cannot find such logical suggestion.

Can anyone give me advice?

Thank You!

Create an action Send Email, then choose “Send email to users”, then select “All users in security group”, then select the security group.

Thank you for your answer.

The security group is constantly changing and how will it be managed?
Here a specific security group is defined. :frowning:

And… on what conditions is the security group defined? How the workflow can “know” to what SG send the emails?

When manager select security groups, which group is selected need to receive email notifications.

Is there any way, to one user share the contract with other departments (roles or security groups)?

Select the desired records from the list view, scroll down and you will see to assign security groups to those records. That’s it!