Email Masking

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 I have multiple different "From" email address that I need representatives to send email from. For example, If Jane Smith works for, I need email addresses under that role to send outbound email with a "From" address of I know with NetSuite, you would just setup a case profile with this email address and select it when sending a case reply. How would this be done within SuiteCRM? Is there options within the CRM? If not, is there a plugin/module for something like this? Thanks again for any information you can give, still on the learning curve. 

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Hi, this area is under development right now, so there is a known problem, and there are new implementations planned for soon.

What is your version of SuiteCRM so I can get a better notion of what you’re facing?

Uh oh, this isn’t good news haha. Version below:

Version 7.10.5
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Not necessarily bad, except the bug… the rest is good news :slight_smile:

Have a look at group emails in Admin / Outbound. These provide some sort of “identities” like you had in NetSuite. Play with that to see if you can get what you need.

Okay, taking a a look now. I’ll report back. much appreciated! Also, what is the bug exactly?

Also, when an email is sent outbound from a case, when the customer replies, will it be attached to the correct case?

I think so, but go ahead and try it, it only takes a minute!

There are several bugs with “From” and “From name”, but they all probably boil down to just one wrong line somewhere in the code. So this entire thing will be reviewed and hopefully fixed and improved.

I think the “Group Email” setup is what I am looking for. However, I have fully set it up, hit the “Test” button and it states that it connect successfully, however if I send an email to the configured inbox, SuiteCRM never receives it. If I go into the admin Module and sync manually, the sync completes but states no imported email…Any ideas? Thanks again!

Do you see any errors in your logs at the time of sending the emails?