Email Marketing - Possible Spamming?

Just a general question. I noticed on the email marketing option, it’s set for 500. Does the programming automatically stop after lets say 10, waits maybe 5-10 seconds and then continues to send 10 more or does it attempt to send all 500 emails as one? Asking because this can immediately get someone blocked for those that may not know what they are doing.

If it’s not, if someone can lead me to the file which iterates so i can add at the least a usleep(10000000); in between somewhere


Campaign email settings are about batch sending emails not individually sending them

Within scheduler you can set the run nightly campaigns to send every minuet or every 20 minuets - its up to you and your server limits

We have found 500 every 15 minuets works well for our servers

So when we set a campaign for bulk emails - say 5,000 leads

it will send 500, wait 15 mins and send another 500 until the queue is empty