Email management

Hi, I had no issue setting up our gmail as a email for a employee to check in their mailbox, and sending out emails. All of the emails for a specific contact show in the contacts history and that all is working. The only issue I am having is that while outbound emails show assigned to the employee, when an inbound email comes in, it doesn’t assign the email to the employee. It shows in his inbox, but if I have him restricted to see only his email interaction with the client, he will not see his inbound email in the history of the contact, only people who can see all emails would be able to see that.
Basically, my question is how do I get the email in the history area of the contact to assign to the employee that received the email? I am hoping I do not have to make a case for every single email that comes in.

HI, sorry if I am not interpreting your question correctly, but here is my attempt at a reply:

  • are you using “import email” when it arrives? SuiteCRM doens’t put every email into its own database, only the ones you “import”. So what you see in the Inbox isn’t necessarily something that will show up elsewhere.

  • a different issue is the logic of “an email answer arrived, I want it linked to the same contact in the other emails in the conversation, that were already imported”. I see people asking for this feature, but it currently isn’t available out-of-the-box. Some code customizations could achieve it, of course.