Email issues with 7.9.6

Some email issues in SuiteCRM 7.9.6, php 7.1, shared hosting service, Chrome, on Windows 10.

  1. All incoming and outgoing emails appear in one list (screenshot)
  2. Incoming emails are marked not indicated (they appear as READ)
  3. I marked an email as UNREAD and there is no indication of such. I was expecting a flag or bold text.
  4. on the EMAILS dashlet, no emails are listed. Even after I marked it UNREAD.
  5. when viewing an email, there is no way to mark it as UNREAD
  6. When COMPOSING an email, when I select the contact name in the related to box, I would expect it to fill in the email of that contact, if present.
  7. Why do I have to fill out the FROM email?
  8. When looking at a contact, I click on an email address. I still have to fill in the Related To, From, and To fields. I would expect these to be pre-populated
  9. Open a contact, click email address, COMPOSE window opens, fill out and send. Then I get a very strange result page (screenshot)
  10. open the EMAIL module, click COMPOSE, fill out as needed. When I click SEND, it returns to the same page, no indication if it was sent or not.
  11. It is my understanding that emails sent from within SuiteCRM will be linked to the contact’s record. I do not see my above tests in Activities or History or any other module.
  12. It is my understanding that when an email is received by any user, if that email address is listed for a contact, that the email will automatically be linked to the contact record. I don’t see that anywhere. Perhaps I am missing something?

I have convinced my client to move forward with SuiteCRM for their daily work. But these issues with email means that I will have to tell them that now is not the right time. They will be disappointed.

It is true that 7.9.6 still has some email problems, so for anybody using email I would recommend the LTS version which is 7.8.x.

Still, not ALL of your Email problems can be attributed to these difficulties in 7.9.6. One of your screenshots looks quite weird in terms of formatting.

In new installs, this is typically caused by permissions problems that keep some CSS file from loading. You could also have missing JS files causing the lack of automatic behaviors you describe.

How did you set permissions? Do you have SSH access to your server so I can ask you to give some commands?

Hmmm, I’m hearing you say I should go back to 7.8.7. All right, I will give it another try. Can you point me to instructions to roll back?

I went through the permissions multiple times. But OK, it might still have problems.

I have never used SSH. I use CPanel and Filezilla. So all permissions were set using Filezilla.

I used your recommended 755 for everything, then 755 for those specific folders and one file. I can’t do the chown because it is a shared hosted server.

Note that I tried 7.8.7 earlier, and there were issues there. I assumed that getting the latest version would resolve them.

Next steps?

There is no way back from 7.9 to 7.8, except recovering from backups (which you should do before any upgrade). You can only consider if reinstalling a clean version of 7.8 looks like a good option to you.

Ownership MUST be correct for the permissions values to act properly. You likely have the ownership correct, because your hosting might have taken care of that for you, but it’s worth checking.

It’s normal for shared hostings installs to run into problems, each hosting makes up their own restrictions…

I would start by checking your logs for any ERROR or FATAL messages, normally you’ll find clues there.

If you can use SSH, please do yourself a favor and start using it.

I too am frustrated with 7.9 email. At first I reverted back to 7.8 but I gave it a second shot and did manage to get everything working. Or at least it seems to be working. Emails go out and also get received. I guess that’s progress.

I think the plethora of confusion on this thread is due to lack of documentation on the new process. How did the team figure we would use this? I still don’t understand what I’m looking at in the client and my setup seems trivial. I have 2 inbound group boxes, Sales and Support. It appears suitecrm is auto importing mail and assigning to admin but I don’t see where that’s designated. Also, because it’s a shared inbox, we get a bit of spam. There is no way to bulk delete these unwanted emails. Opening each one to delete is tedious.

How about a simple use case discussion on how this was intended to be used. Perhaps we are all looking at this wrong. Then again, maybe not.

So, basically I was told that I should go back to 7.8.7… Since my clients haven’t started using it yet, it wasn’t a huge issue. I had to delete the old instance and rebuild from scratch again. Yes, I did a backup, but was it 7.8.x or 7.8.7 or 7.9.6? I took lots, but didn’t make notes of versions. Pity that.

My use case, at this point, is simple. I have 6 people, each with their own email addresses. Some have 2 address, but most have only one. Our plan was to ditch Outlook. We have 3 satellite offices, and staff travel between them. Turns out we had sync issues with Outlook and Exchange. So the plan was to ditch Outlook and only use SuiteCRM webmail for everyone. Most work is via email, so it was a complete deal breaker, that I couldn’t get it to work. We were all so looking forward to having the incoming emails linked to contacts and maintaining our history that way. Rather than Outlook’s Notes field.

I understand permissions must be correct. During install, I had a screen that showed a lot of tests and gave me an OK for each one. Can we get something like that as a permission check? Yes, I see the SSH commands that set the permissions. But since I am on shared hosting, I don’t have SSH ability. Thus, I am using Filezilla to set permissions. Even so, a page that would confirm the permissions (even only on critical pages) would tell me I did it all correctly. I have set the permissions on each folder, one at a time, but I don’t know if everything is the way it is supposed to be.

So I am going to give this one more try. I have finished the install of 7.8.7, logged into the home page, and got error messages. More debugging and fixing needed.

I don’t know. Must be a permissions issue.

But where???

You have to understand that Linux ownerships/permssions are not a simple thing, and there is so much variety of set-ups that it is simply impossible to give instructions for all of them, or to code installers for all of them, or even to correctly diagnose all of the situations.

Many shared hosting do give you SSH access, with some restrictions, yes, but it’s still SSH and you can actually issue commands and know what is happening.

It takes me 10 minutes to set up a fully functional SuiteCRM from scratch on Ubuntu. I have to give 7 or 8 commands, not more. But it’s not shared hosting, and SuiteCRM does not claim to be functional in shared hostings, or certainly not in all of them. It also doesn’t claim to be a one-click install, for any non-admin user to perform.

So when you select your server, you need to select an appropriate server to let you work with what you are going to install, otherwise it’s going to be problematic. your problems might even be simple problems, but they can be very hard to diagnose. I can tell if a SuiteCRM system has correct permissions, and fix them, in 20 seconds. But here on the forums, with people who don’t know Linux and who are severely limited by their hostings, it sometimes takes me two weeks and thirty posts…

Sorry if this sounds like a rant (actually it is, but it is not directed at you, just at “life”).