Email issue no WYSIWYG


I’m working on a Bitnami install of suitecrm - Version 7.7.6

When I try to email my leads or contacts/leads etc directly by clicking on the email address.

My email screen pops up but there is no WYSIWYG editor.

I provided a screenshot. Any simple fixes that anyone knows of ?

It looks like at the bottom of the screenshot there is there head of the editor, If you scroll down or expand the area does it show?

I have the editor at the bottom using 7.7.8

Yes, I know. The head of the editor is there but there’s no way to get to the actual editor. I suspect its a problem with the Bitnami install. Any expereience with bitnami ?

I personally don’t, however I know there are many people in the community that have :slight_smile:

Hello again,
Do you have any recommendations on getting a hold of someone who has worked with aws suitecrm bitnami install ?

I had a Bitnami install for a few months, then moved to simple Ubuntu.

Bitnami is nothing special, unless your errors are with fundamental installation issues, like getting PHP or MySQL to run, then your problem is probably not specific to Bitnami.

There are many, many posts out there explaining how to fix permissions on your install - I would start with that. When random bits of the application that work for everybody stop working for you, 99% of the times the problem is permissions degradation.

Try going to admin -> upgrade wizard and run the first step only, which is permissions check. Do you get files not writeable there?