Email interface broken? Need old email functionality

Now that I’ve got the calendar function to work. I started to the stuff I did before the latest update.

The compose email function seems to be broken. There is no “select signature” or any way to send just plain text emails as before.

The templates that worked before (which are all plain text) now have no content when you select them.

It was working perfectly before. I tried selecting the different editors in the user profile tab but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

How can I get the old functions back?


I’m assuming you’re talking about SuiteCRM 7.9 (sorry, maybe you said it in another thread, but it gets confusing answering so many people simultaneously).

There are a few additional steps to take with that install, regarding email:

That said, there are a few serious bugs that unfortunately made it to that release. Also, people were supposed to evaluate that in the Beta and in the Release Candidate, but I see many people simply waited for the final release and installed it directly, before any evaluation.

I expect (just speculating here) there will be a bugfix release very soon. Is it alright if you just wait for that before setting up email?

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I’m hoping for a fix, I can bash away with it - I hope they get it back to same level of the previous email UI (or even revert back to it - as it seemed to work pretty well as far as I could grok)