Email inbox - visible opportunity

Is it possible to have the opportunity the emails relate to as a column in the general inbox? Next to subject, date sent/received, etc

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Yes, it’s possible. You should make custom field type in directory custom/include/SugarFields/Fields. I was do it for another tasks.

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I am sorry, could you be a little more specific as to how I do it? I am brand new to crmsuite.


I Think i got it!!

Thanks a lot, man :slight_smile:


Look at my decision here:

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i created the custom field opportunity (relate) on the email section and got it to show up in the inbox. But the whole collumn is empty. It isn’t showing the opportunity the email relates to. What am i doing wrong?


The module Emails is very complex. You can’t add relate field type only and get all data. So I wrote about new field type.

I am really sorry, I dont want to push your patience, but like i said , i am new to this and i am not seing how what you explain in “collections” can help me with what i am trying to do…


The system directory include/SugarFields/Fields contains all type of fields. Each field has three files as a minimum.

  1. DetailView.tpl and EditView.tpl are a forms.
  2. PHP file has name of format: SugarField+<name_of_field_type>

Functions getEditViewSmarty and getDetailViewSmarty build the field using the forms of tpl files.

You should use directory custom/include/SugarFields/Fields for will not have problems with upgrade in future.

It’s for start.

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