Email Import Scheduler


Hi ,

I want to know in suitecrm how Email Import Scheduler work.

In my suitecrm we i active Email Scheduler , All Email imported from INBOX , if email address not in any module like Account OR Contact .
if email address in Account OR Contact Than I can view emails in history Panel But
i want to know why if i got email from unknown email address than why suitecrm import this email .???
Because All my imported emails have blue icon , and unknown email address email also imported ???

Which version of SuiteCRM is this?

You can attach images here:

Where did you set up this email account? In user’s profile, or in Admin / Inbound (perhaps as a group account)?

in inbound emails settings i set my gmail account .

There is more than one “inbound email settings” pages, that’s why I asked if it was in the User’s profile (just for that user) or in Admin / Inbound Email Settings (system-wide).

I also asked which SuiteCRM version you’re running, because email has changed a lot between 7.8 and the following versions, so I really need to know this. thanks.

Suite CRM Version 7.10

I set same email in email setting for admin ,
and inbound settings i also use same gmail address for inbox .

Auto Import Check
pollMonitoredInboxesAOP() -> Scheduler Also Active .

Problem : When pollMonitoredInboxesAOP() execute all emails get imported . WHY?

eg. FROM email address
FROM email address

all goes imported .

There is a setting in

Admin / Inbound Email

if it is a “group account”

a setting called “Import Emails Automatically:” - maybe you have this turned on?

“Import Emails Automatically” is on .

  1. please explain me what pollMonitoredInboxesAOP() do .

  1. what Check Inbound Mailboxes do ?

Because When it runs , a new email record is crated in suitecrm ?
In pollMonitoredInboxesAOP() method returnImportEmail … method every time create a email record , but not related with any parent module .

What email import stands for in suitecrm ?

When you are just looking at your Emails list, and they aren’t imported, you are merely seeing a list of what is on your email server.

These emails cannot be related to records in SuiteCRM, because they are not present in the SuiteCRM database.

When you import (or when the automatic import runs), the Email is copied into SuiteCRM’s database, and now you can relate the Emails to SuiteCRM records (Accounts, Contacts, etc).

If you don’t want the Emails automatically imported, then remove the “Automatically import” option.

1 ) So , Auto Import just Copy Email In Suite Not Relate with any Module (Account, Contact…). [ TRUE,FALSE ]
2 ) When an eamil is imported by scheduler than we relate can relate with Parent Module (Bean ) [ TRUE,FALSE ]

Im new in suite CRM development , this thing is very confusing for me ,

Thank for your help

The answers are “it depends”.

There are two steps in sequence:

  1. Importing, otherwise Relating will never be possible. Creates an Emai record in SuiteCRM.

  2. Actually Relating to some other SuiteCRM record. Creates a relationship between the Email record and some other record.

Whether these two things will happen depends on several things: kind of account, manual actions, automations that are enabled.

I am not sure enough of these processes to give you a complete “manual” of how it works. Once you understand what the concepts are, and where the options are, you need to play around with it, and test, to see how it works…