Email From Name not on sent emails


I have version 7.10 setup and all is working so far except I have an odd issue I can’t figure out.

The email module is sending emails with the users sending email address instead of the From Name that is filled out in the email for the profile.


When we send an email from the email module the person getting the email sees "emailaddress@domain> instead of “First Last emailaddress@domain

There is a first & last name filled out in the From Name box of the mail account properties of the user and if we send a test email from the outgoing smtp account that is selected in the window we get the first, last & as we should.

What am I missing to get this working correctly.



Sorry, this is a known issue and the developers are working on it… should be in a release soon (though not in the next one - the one after that hopefully).

I have just tried 7.10.4 and it still looks like this issue hasn’t been fixed. Is there any update on it?


Try 7.10.5 which should be coming out today.

If it isn’t solved there, I can tell you that 7.10.6 will be focused on fixing email bugs.

If you want a tighter control of all this fixing process, try finding your Issue on GitHub and follow it there. You might also add relevant info to the issue, if you have it, and help test any fixes that get proposed. Thanks

Any news about it? The bug persists. Is there an issue on GitHub?

This is definitely a pain point. This bug is old, but there are other newer bugs spawned after this.

This list should show you a few instances (along with other unrelated stuff)✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+sort%3Aupdated-desc+"from+name"+OR+fromname

Note that often we can’t reproduce these From name bugs. It would be very useful if somebody who has the bug on their system could debug locally…

Thank you, @pgr. The Email modules has many pain points like these, that has been lasting for years.

I’ve been trying to debug with little success. I had to hardcode it as a temporary solution. The last time I debug, I was trying to find who or where the FromName public var is populated in include/SugarPHPMailer.php. It seems to be inherited from PHPMailer. But who calls it?

Whenever I have time, I’ll try to continue. If someone has some idea, welcome!

Thank you.
Best regards

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What is your IDE? In PHPStorm you should be able to set a breakpoint that stops whenever a variable is changed:

It only works for fields in classes. Other IDE’s could have similar things…


This is a know issue and there is a PR proposing a fix for it. You could try it out and see if the PR helps you in fixing the issue. If it does then it might help merge it to the master branch, sooner.



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Thank you very much @Preetham2. I gotta see if is the same issue…
I use oldschool vi as editor. I know I have to change…

The linked PR makes the email show as “from” the suite user name. The correct would be to show “from name” fields from outgoing smtp accounts. Anyway, it’s a step further.

i second you on the Emails module being really ignored in releases although there are Proposed fixes and PRs from community but those issues are still pending.

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