Email Folders and Deleting emails (7.9.x)

Used to be able to at least drag emails into Deleted Items folder, and also view folders on the left - now have neither feature.

Why was this removed?
Is there a way to get it back with latest version?
Is it logged as a request to revert?

Maybe in the Next release (7.9.6) they do something about the Email features that were core actions like Delete Action and Trash/Sent Email folder. I haven’t been able to see the two folders that are selected while setting up inbound emails. If they are not shown anywhere, what is the need for selecting them in the Mail Accounts Popup?

Unfortunately the release of 7.9.6 did not address email issues. Deleting emails from List View such that email is not imported and viewing sent email is still a pending issue.

Not solved yet. We can vote, comment, fix or aks for a higher priority in this issue:

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