Email Folder Selection Not Working

yes it is related to same issue.
but when i configured multiple inbound emails and i have rearranged columns in the detailview template under Admin >> STUDIO section.

Hi @ctucker1984 ,cA
Thanks for the effort you gave. Well, practically I am not into programming and we are trying to deploy suiteCRM. But encountered monitored folder issue.
With you solution, I can get to see inbox and sent. Earlier, sent was also not available. But the issue is still I can not see the selected folder (monitored folder) in the display. If I click its still redirects to main inbox only. Hope, you can help me out.

Thank you @ctucker1984, I can confirm this works for the latest versions of Suite CRM 7.14.1 and 8.4.1 for the Sent and Archive folders, but the Drafts folder is mapped to the Sent folder unless you have a dummy draft email saved on a record for that email account. If you do not have a draft email saved when you visit Drafts, you are taken to a page with no folder selection, and you can get stuck on that page. If you get stuck, log out and back in, and you will return to the INBOX.